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Edsby is an online gradebook and social learning platform that provides parents with important information to support student achievement. To reach Edsby, parents will first need to create an account on mySPOT.  Through mySPOT, parents can connect to many immportant district resources.
Click here to go to mySPOT  mySPOT_logo.png

mySPOT   ~  mySPOT is Hillsborough County Public Schools online Parent Hub.  
Print the directions for mySPOT  ~    mySPOT Parent directions.pdf  
Registrar una nueva cuenta  ~ mySPOT Parent directions Spanish.pdf

This video will help you create your mySPOT parent account, connecting you to important school district resources.

This video tells you more information about mySPOT.

What is Edsby?
If you have a mySPOT account, you can click here to go to Edsby  5E3D2F54-00757E5A.jpg

Parent overview video

Student overview video

How to get the Edsby App for your phone or tablet   ~ Get the App for Edsby.pdf   
 ¡Obtén la aplicación para Edsby!  ~ Get the App for Edsby Spanish.pdf

Password Help

If you are a student:
The user ID is your student number. To set up an account or if you have forgotten or need to change your password go to .

If you are a parent:
Use your e-mail address as your user ID. If you have forgotten or need to reset your password go to .